Industrial Digital Fabric & Textile Printing

Eco Friendly Digital Fabric Printing


Here at the Haddow Group we offer the very latest technology in Industrial Digital Fabric Printing for textiles. Offering speed and flexibility for all your textile digital printing needs.  




Inkjet Pigment Printing


Our industrial inkjet pigment water based wide format printer delivers the very latest technology and it delivers excellent results in a very eco friendly manner.


LEAD TIMES – Our lead times are very short typically 4-10 days as the digital printer offers such flexibility.


FLEXIBILITY – As we are so flexible we can also combine many designs and colourways on a single print run.


MACTHING – We can colour match anything.


SHORT RUNS – As we have such a short period of set up and turnaround we can offer shorter print runs.




PRINT RUN – We offer a minimum of 5 meters minimum with no maximum


FORMATS – PSD, PDF and TIFF files but we will discuss any others with you.


DPI – We can work with 150 DPI artwork files but we are flexible to your needs.




STOCK HOLDING – You will have to hold no or very little stock


RANGES – You will have no discontinued ranges


CAPITAL – Your money won’t be tied up in dead ranges


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